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"You’re scared of the way I make you feel because you don’t want to feel anything."

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"Hugging helps lower blood pressure."

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what if you started making car alarm noises when people you didn’t like touched you

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when i was younger i had a really bad fear of vampires when i was going to sleep so my older brother gave me a watch that he set to like 8 hours ahead so that it was always daytime on the watch when i was asleep and he told me it would confuse the vampires and they would think it was daytime and get scared of the sun and leave me alon

Your brother is the best

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"your password is weak" fuck you

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I woke up for class.. Show up get a lecture over different kinda of greys anatomy and some of vampire diaries.. My TA never shows up so the lecturer let’s the class go.. The feelings are defff mixed??


gf: come over :)

me, professional wrestling promoter, Vince McMahon: i can’t

gf: i’ll have sex with you

me, professional wrestling promoter, Vince McMahon:


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"She deserves better, you say. I say: You’re a goddamn coward. What she deserves is an actual person she can connect with. She deserves you, or me or the entire world; she deserves someone achingly real and honest. She deserves a human being equally raw to pursue her and love her and, perhaps, destroy her emotionally, but she deserves all that as well. She doesn’t deserve anyone’s sugary fairytale. She deserves to float freely, with you, or me, or the world, into the very depths of her own psychosynthesis. She deserves to explore the meaning of the word "intimacy", with someone beside her that will care regardless. She fucking deserves all of it. So, pluck up the courage and be with her or leave her in peace but don’t you dare "sell" her your own "inadequacy" as a lie so that, again, you manage to comfort your conscience and eventually come to feel that you love her exactly because you’re letting her go. Because, darling, that’s bullshit. That’s only you own little self-created lie laying behind a much bigger lie; it’s not even properly concealed within itself, you fucking idiot."


All These Things You Wish You’d Say

my mind just exploded

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My heart just died. 

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